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Take American Style Ballroom Dancing lessons at Home with the Adams' Ballroom Dance Videos:

Four 2-hour videos. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced!

Why take American Style Ballroom Dancing Lessons?

  1. American Style ballroom dancing lessons are FUN!
  2. American Style ballroom dancing lessons are ROMANTIC!
  3. American Style ballroom dancing lessons are GOOD EXERCISE!
  4. American Style ballroom dancing lessons are EASIER AND QUICKER than International Style!
  5. These American Style ballroom dancing lessons take place IN PRIVATE AT HOME!
  6. These American Style ballroom dancing lessons let you learn AT YOUR OWN PACE!
  7. These American Style ballroom dancing lessons let you REPEAT as much as you need to!

Yes, you can!
Two left feet?
The Adams have more than a quarter century experience in showing you the difference!


From a customer in Concord, Michigan (emphasis added):

Dear Mr. Adams The tape arrived Saturday in good condition. . . My wife and I have already worked on some of the steps and are enjoying this form of relaxed instruction and practice in our own home. We are pleased to find such a wealth of information on just one tape. Dancing is such a wonderful way of spending time with one’s mate. .

Sincerely, B. W
Concord, MI.

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Guys, want to have gals waiting in line for their turn with you? Learn to dance!

Gals, want your guy to trip the light fantastic with you?
Get him these easy-to-use dance lessons; you learn with him!

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Free at this Website:

Short Fox Trot Lesson

Basic elements of couples dancing

Steps and Routines for the Fox Trot, Waltz, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Polka, Tango, and West Coast Swing.

Article on timing of music for various dances:
"What kind of dance are they playing?"
Free game: "Name that Dance Beat"

The Instructors:

Will and Eleaner Adams of Liberty, Missouri, USA, have been teaching American Style ballroom dancing since 1974. They hold the bronze and silver medals, and bronze and silver teaching certificates. They have attended more than a dozen ballroom dance workshops at Brigham Young University.


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