Culture Through Ballroom Dance

Video Gallery

Check out our dancing students!

Kansas City Schools Ballroom Festival - 8 minute overview

Overview of the Ballroom Dance portion of the 40th Annual
Performing Arts Festival / Kansas City, MO School District

Kansas City 5th Grade Swing Dancers!

Kansas City School District 5th Grade Swing dancers at the
Districts Performing Arts Festival. Swing Dancing is a great for
Black History month originating in the Savoy Ballroom in
Harlem, New York in 1927!


Kansas City Missouri 5th Grade Merengue Dancers

Students learn to dance versatile Latin Dances like Merengue to
both Latin and Pop Music.

High School Ballroon Dancers

Students at Southwest High ballroom dancing to Lady GaGa.


Liberty North High School Students Cinderella Ball Scene

Liberty North High School Students requested Culture Through
Ballroom Dance to teach them to dance the Maid Marian Waltz
for the Ball Scene in their theater production of Cinderella.
Watch for the underarm turns and triple twinkes!

Wheelchair Merengue and Tango Dancer

Turn a disability into ABILITY!


Wheelchair Waltz - Brandon White & Lorie Sparks

Wheelchair dance instructor and wheelchair partner dancing to
inspire special needs dance students in Kansas City

William Jewell College Swing Dancers!

Ballroom Dance Student at William Jewell College dancing Swing.

Boogie Ball 2017

Dancing to the Kicks Band

The Boogie Ball is our annual Fundraiser. For more information
check out the Boogie Ball page on this website!

Boogie Ball 2015

Fundraiser for Culture Ballroom Dance

Some clips from our 1st Annual Boogie Ball,
a fundraiser for Culture Through Ballroom Dance