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Free Fox Trot Lesson


I.  Closed Position:   A majority of dance steps are done in closed position, which consists of four elements: 

1.  Rib Cage Tilt:  Bend spine back above the waist, where the ribs join the backbone;

will1a.gif (7431  bytes)  Closed Position

2.  Shoulder Lines Parallel:  Imagine both partners have a 20 foot pole vaulting pole strapped across the shoulders;  poles should not cross;

dia1.gif (1636 bytes) 


dia2.gif (1623 bytes) 


3.  Toes offset to Left:  Don't dance toe-to-toe;   toes should be interlocked; each partner should point right foot between partner's toes; dia3.gif (1870 bytes) 


dia4.gif (1876 bytes) 


4.  Arm Positions:  Guy's elbows straight out sideways;  left hand up holding gal's right hand; right hand slants downwards, fingers together, on gal's left shoulder blade;  this "frame" should be kept rigid; don't bend it!

2.gif (29450 bytes)  Closed Position side view

3.gif (29873 bytes)  Closed Position front view 

Closed-Position Video

Click the Play Button to start the video

Windows Media - 256 kbps, 7 megs, 3:44 min



II.  Basic Fox Trot Step: This is the step you usually begin the dance with, and the one you go back to when not doing other steps.

    1.  Slow steps take 2 counts; Quick steps take 1 count.  The timing of most beginner Fox Trot Steps is Slow, Slow, Quick Quick;

    2.  Guys foot pattern for the Basic Step is:  Forward Left (slow), Forward Right (slow), Side Left (Quick) Feet Together (Quick).  It traces a capital L on the floor.
   3.  On slow steps, both partners do a follow through, which means that they swing their free  foot by the foot their weight is on.  For example, after the second slow, dancers bring their feet together (without stepping) before stepping to the side.
    4.  Gal follows by pushing front of guy's right shoulder or upper arm with her left hand, putting pressure from his right hand on her shoulder blade.
    5.  Guy leads by putting his weight on right foot and pulling gal onto her left foot with his right hand on her shoulder blade.  On forward steps, lift right hand slightly to maintain contact; on Side-Together, push her rib cage with right forearm (first quick, side left), restrain with right hand (second quick, feet together).
The following photos illustrate what happens on each of the six counts in slow (2), slow (2), quick (1) quick (1):

Side View

Front View

Start in Closed Position



Count 1, Guy steps forward left, 
gal back right



Count 2, Both swing free foot by the foot their weight is on (the follow through)



Count 3, Guy steps forward right, gal back left



Count 4, Both swing free foot by the foot their weight is on (the follow through)



Count 5, Guy steps side left, gal side right



Count 6, Both bring feet together, shift weight (closed position)



Foxtrot Basic

Click the Play Button to start the video

Windows Media - 256 kbps, 6.4 megs, 3:24 min

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