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The Cha Cha (Tapes I and III)

These are the Cha Cha Steps and Routines you can learn fromTapes I (5 steps) and III (24 steps) (music: 4/4 time, accents on all four counts; four half beats (steady double time beat: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &)): Beginner Steps are in standard type; Intermediate Steps are in italics; Advanced Steps are in bold face; all Routines are in bold italics.

Tape I: Beginner

B E G I N N E R    R O U T I N E
4 Progressive Basics
Single Cross Over Break
4 Side Basics
Double Cross Over Break


1. Basic Cha Cha and Starter Step
    a. Progressive Basic
    b. Side Basic (Box)
2. Cross Over Breaks
    a. Single
    b. Double


Starter Step
Cross Over Break with Arch
Cross Over Break with Double Turns
Double Cross Over Break with Freeze
Triple Lock (Bronze)
Triple Lock (Silver)
Reverse Cross Over Break
Reverse Cross Over Break with Triples
Two Right Side Loops
Cross Over Break with Palm to Palm
Cross Over Break with Swivels

Tape III: Intermediate
2. Cross Over Breaks
    c. With Arch
    d. With Double Turn
    e. With Freeze
    f. Reverse
3. Triple Locks
    a. Bronze
    b. Silver
4. Intermediate Cross Over Variations
    a. Reverse with Triples
    b. Palm to Palm
    c. Palm to Palm with Turns
5. Right Side Loop
6. Peek-a-Boo


Advanced Starter Step
Right Side Loop
Triple Turn
Cross Body Lead
Shadow Step
Rhondé Kick Swivels
Turkish Towel
Chase with Half Turn
Chase with Full Turn
Soldier's March
Right Side Loop
Triple Turn
Cross Body Lead
Shadow Step
Flamingo Turn
Palm to Palm

7. Sweetheart
8. Chases
    a. With Half Turn
    b. With Full Turn
9. Soldier's March
10. Cross Body Lead
Tape III: Advanced Steps
11. Shadow Step
12. Egg Beater
13. Advanced Cross Over Variations
    a. With Swivels
    b. Rhondé Kick Swivels
14. Triple Turn
15. Flamingo Turn
16. Turkish Towel
17. Advanced Starter Step
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