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East Coast Swing

These are the East Coast Swing Steps and Routines you can learn
from tapes I (11 steps) and IV (25 steps) (music: 4/4 time, accents on 1 and 3; much syncopation):

Beginner Steps are in standard type; Intermediate Steps are in italics; Advanced Steps are in bold face; all Routines are in bold italics.

Tape I: Beginner



Basic, Arch, Loop, Basic
Basic, Wrap, Rollout, Basic
Basic, Sweetheart, Basic
Basic, Hand Exchange, Tunnel, Basic


1. Basic Swing Step,
        Simple Release Break,
        Two Hand Hold:
    a. Single Rhythm
    f. Triple Rhythm
2. Underarm Turns
    a. Arch (outside turn)
    b. Loop (inside turn)
3. Wrap (cuddle), Rollout
4. Sweetheart
5. Changing Hands
    a. Cross Hands
    b. Hand Exchange
6. Tunnel


Tape IV: Intermediate/Advanced
1. b. Toe, Heel



Part One

Basic (six variations a-f)
Basic, Arch, Loop
Basic, Wrap, Rollout
Basic, Wrap with Triples
Basic, Sweetheart with Reverse Tuck-in
Basic, Double Underarm Turns (five variations)
Basic, Two Dishrags (Gals)
Basic, four Tuck-In Variations (twice each)
Two Basics, Wrap with Reverse Tuck-In

    c. Step, Tap
    d. Tap, Step
    e. Tap, Step, Kick, Step
    f. Triple Rhythm
7. Turning Loops
8. Double Underarm Turns
    a. With Man Turning
    b. Tummy Trail
    c. Hand Switch
    d. Cross Hand Loop
    e. No Hands
9. Dishrag
10. Tuck-Ins
    a. Mini-Tuck
    b. Regular Tuck-In
    c. Double Tuck-In
    d. Maxi-Tuck
    e. Hand Exchange with Maxi-Tuck EAST COAST SWING ROUTINE

Part Two

Basic, Arch, Loop
Cross Hands, Maxi-Tuck
Basic, Hand Exchange, Maxi-Tuck
Basic, Hand Exchange, Triples
Basic, Hand Exchange, Tunnel
Two Basics, Arch, Repeating Tunnels, Reverse Tuck-In
Three Basics, Double Rock
Double Rocks, Peek-a-Boo
Two Basics, Arch, Loop
Two Basics, Arch, Loop

    f. Double Tuck-In with Loops
    g. Wrap, Tuck, Rollout
    h. Reverse Tuck-In
11. Triples Variations
    a. Wrap with Triples
    b. Hand Exchange with Triples
12. Arch with Repeating Tunnels
13. Double Rock
    a. Basic
    b. With Peek-a-Boo

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