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The Polka (Video I)

These are the Polka Steps and Routines you can learn from Tape I  (6 steps)

Music: 4/4 time, accents on all four counts

Tape I: Beginner


Four Triple Heel and Toe
Eight Single Heel and Toe
Eight Promenades
Four Promenades with Arch
   (repeat, then--)
Four Promenades with Spiral
Four Spirals
Eight Promenades

1. Triple Heel and Toe
2. Single Heel and Toe
3. Promenade Polka
4. Promenade with Arch
5. Promenade with Spiral
6. Spiral

NOTE: The Polka is a folk dance, not a ballroom dance. This
means it does not have bronze, silver, gold, etc. standard series.
Rather, there is a wide variety of Polka styles and steps. Since
big bands usually play one or more Polkas at their dances, however,
these sample steps and this routine is included in the Beginner set
of dance lessons.

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