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The West Coast Swing (Video IV)
These are the West Coast Swing Steps and Routines you can learn fromVideo IV (25 steps) (music: 4/4 time, accents on all four counts; much syncopation):

Beginner Steps are in standard type;
Intermediate Steps are in italics;
Advanced Steps are in bold face;
all Routines are in bold italics.

Beginner Steps


Part One

Showcase Starter, Sugarpush
Sugarpush with Tuck-In
Sugarpush with Knee Breaks
Sugarpush with Swivels
Left Side Pass, Right Side Loop
Left Side Tuck-In, Right Side Maxi-Tuck
Two Sugarpushes
Razzle Dazzle, Sugarpush
Twin Cities, Sugarpush
Twin Cities with Double Turn, Sugarpush
Whip, Sugarpush
Whip with Arch, Sugarpush
Whip with Loop

1. Starter Step
2. Throw Out
   a. Guy Scissors or East Coast Rock
   b. Optional Arch
3. Sugarpushes
   a. Basic
   b. With Simple Tuck-In
   c. With Knee Breaks
   d. With Swivels
   e. With Syncopation & Kicks
Intermediate Steps
4. Left Side Pass
    a. Plain
    b. With Tuck-In
5. Right Side Loop


Part Two

Starter Step, Throw Out
Three Sugarpushes with Syncopations and Kicks 
Whip, Sugarpush
Whip with Arch, Sugarpush
Whip with Loop, Sugarpush
Whip with Double Turn
Whip with Single Rollout
Whip with Double Rollout
Whip with Double Rollout and Extra Turn
Tummy Tuck
Man's Hammerlock with Tummy Tuck
Whip with Rock and Kicks
Three Sugarpushes

    a. Plain
    b. With Maxi-Tuck
6. Showcase Starter Step
7. Whips
    a. Basic
    b. With Arch
    c. With Loop
    d. With Single Rollout
    e. With Double Rollout
    f. With Double Rollout and Extra Turn
Advanced Steps
8. Razzle Dazzle
9. Twin Cities
    a. With Single Turn
    b. With Double Turn
10. Tummy Tuck
    a. Plain
    b. With Guy's Hammerlock
11. Whip and Rock with Kicks
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