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Adams American Style Ballroom Dancing Lessons
on Video

Four video sets (VHS Tape or DVD) of dance lessons are available:

Video I: Beginning Ballroom Dancing

13 steps in Fox Trot
9 steps in Waltz
4 steps in Rumba
11 steps in East Coast Swing (jitterbug, jive)
5 steps in Cha Cha
6 steps in Polka
48 steps in six dances!

Video II: Intermediate/Advanced, Smooth dances

14 steps in Waltz (see also Video I)
20 steps in Tango
34 steps in two dances!

Video III: Intermediate/Advanced, Latin dances

17 steps in Rumba (see also Video I)
24 steps in Cha Cha (see also Video I)
41 steps in two dances!

Video IV: Intermediate/Advanced, Swing dances

25 steps in East Coast Swing (see also Video I)
25 steps in West Coast Swing
50 steps in two dances!
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