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See What Others Are Saying about the Adams Ballroom Dance Videos!


From a customer in Concord, Michigan (emphasis added):

Dear Mr. Adams

The tape arrived Saturday in good condition. . . . My wife and I have already worked on some of the steps and are enjoying this form of relaxed instruction and practice in our own home. We are pleased to find such a wealth of information on just one tape. Dancing is such a wonderful way of spending time with one's mate. . . .

Sincerely, B. W.                                                                                                        Concord, MI

From C. J. - A measured approach.

The tapes got here Friday. . . . Your measured approach . . . is a bonus.


From S., Patra, Greece - Excellent web page!

Dear Will and Eleaner Adams


My name is S. and I am from Greece.

I found your web site after searching the internet for instructional videos about tango.

I am 28 years old and about 4 months ago (after watching the movie "Tango") I decided to start learning the tango. I went to a dance school here . . . and start learning what I supposed it was tango. I also did a search on the interned in order to find more (and especilly video tapes) and I came to your web page! Excellent! Bravo, you have done a wonderful job. . . . Yes, I want tape II.


From S. W., Santa Clara, CA - The best overall package on the web!

Hi Will,

Thanks for the nice reply to my last email, and for your willingness to work with me as my needs change. . . . I ordered your tapes because they include WC Swing, because of all the information you included on your web site, and because of all the steps you listed for each dance. It sounded like the best overall package I found on the web.

My apartment mate and I jointly bought a series of tapes . . . The tapes only had about four steps in each of the dances . . . so I was very disappointed. I compared the steps you included on your web description with a list of the steps taught at a local Ballroom Dance Studio, and your tapes seemed pretty complete . . ."


From W. H., Florence, SC - Excellent articles!

Morning Will,

Thank you very much for your email. I have already printed out your articles. Excellent! I enjoyed very much, and told my dance friends about your website. . . .

Thank you again for your friendliness. Have a good day.


From J. H. - Now I know "what kind of dance they are playing!"

Hi Will

. . . . Thanks to your article and audio examples I think I'm getting better at distinguishing the dances.


From J.B, Windsor, Ontario, Canada - I would like to tell you how much I benefited!

Hi Will!

I just would like to tell you how much I benefited from Tape II and Tape III. I am making slow but steady improvement.
Now I would like to order Tape I . . and Tape IV . . . Reason is I would like to improve on Polkas and East Coast Swing.


And this from a Kansas City area student who has taken the Adams' lessons in person:

From D. F., Kansas City, MO - The steps are very easy to follow!

My wife and I have been using Will and Eleaner's ballroom dancing tapes and have found them to be very helpful. They present the steps so that they are very easy to follow, which makes doing the routine at the end of each dance very easy. If you are planning on taking ballroom dance lessons, I highly recommend having the tapes because he teaches the steps the same way on the tapes as he does in class. Thanks.


Look at the Cities where people now have the Adams' ballroom dance videos!

Ann Arbor, MI

Auburn Hills, MI

Berthoud, CO

Brea, CA

Chester, MD

Concord, MI

Florence, SC

Fresno, CA

Ft. Worth, TX

Green Bay, WI

Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia

Kansas City, KS

Kansas City, MO

Keyser, WV

Liberty, MO

Medford, OR

North Palm Beach, FL

Painsville, OH

Patra, Greece

Penrose, NC

Prague, Czech Republic

Santa Clara, CA

Scranton, PA

Spartanburg, SC

Stuart, FL

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Winnetka, IL

Yakima, WA

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